Eyes to Argus
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Eyes to Argus
Official site of Malta based experimental post-rock band Eyes to Argus.


Eyes to Argus writes music in terms of mood and atmosphere, creating an eclectic mix of dreamy textures and dynamic grooves. The band’s sound is often described as experimental post-rock. The band has shared the stage with prolific international acts, including Mokadelic, Staghorn and Yndi Halda.

2019 marks a new era for Eyes to Argus. New sounds. New textures. New things to say.

Microcosm, the band’s new single and first production-level music video, sets that era in motion. Microcosm is a charged song – gritty and abrasive, and yet with a sense of space that is unmistakably Eyes to Argus.

Microcosm puts megalomania under a microscope. The music video was directed by Francesca Mercieca, with cinematography by Jack Hayter. Watch it here.

As an interim release between VEER (2017) and future projects, Microcosm borrows sounds from the debut album but looks ahead. This new single doesn’t necessarily reflect what the Eyes to Argus’ next recorded material will sound like, but it does affirm the band as one that is ready to shift and reshape itself.


Ben Mifsud Joslin | Bass guitar, vocals
Samwel Mallia |
Guitar, vocals
Robert Farrugia |
Keyboard, synths, piano
Samuel Attard |
Drums, percussion