New Eyes to Argus T-Shirts for 2019


Rock the South will be the launching place of Eyes to Argus’ first ever t-shirts.

As a band, we always knew that if we were ever going to produce t-shirts, they were going to be screen-printed. We finally managed to make that dream a reality by teaming up with Max Stivala, who’s been showing us the ropes of screen-printing and helping us make our first few batches.

We’ll have a limited quantity of Gildan softstyle t-shirts available at Rock the South (in M and S sizes) – so make sure to grab yours and become one of the first people to wear Eyes to Argus merch.

More runs of t-shirts with different sizes, colours and designs will be available in the near future, at our gigs and our online shop.  

Designed by our own Samwel Mallia.


Eyes to Argus